Granite Run Ghost Town


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  1. Are any stores open besides Sears and Boscov’s? I thought I saw a GNC in one picture………so sad…….worked there over 20 years ago making sandwiches at Bain’s Deli…….

    • Ah, yes! GNC is still open too. Sears and Boscov’s will remain open. JC Penney is closing Weds (everything is 75% off right now but there isn’t much to shop from) Subway, a few cell phone kiosk/stores, Chik Fil A and Modell’s. I read a comment on Facebook that said there’s a Peking Restaurant still open. Also, there’s a nail salon near Sears that’s still open.

  2. So sad. Lots of memories. I know that these new town centers are nice but as someone older they’re not very easy to access for elderly or those with disabilities. There outside and your in the elliments.Or you have to keep driving to different stores you need to go to. The mall was all there under one roof,with places to set in-house between different stores. Will miss this mall .So sad.

    • You’re right. It was so nice to walk around the mall and get everything you needed… almost like one massive department store. I’m sorry that this world is catering less and less to the very people who have guided us into this modern age. =(

  3. So sad. . I know that these new town centers are nice but they’re not very easy to access for elderly or those with disabilities. There outside and your in the elliments.Or you have to keep driving to different stores you need to go to. The mall was all there under one roof,with places to set in-house between different stores. Will miss this mall .So sad.

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing. My family has alot of great memories there. This something I wanted to do befoer they closed.

    • I bought so many prom dresses here! I have a lot of memories too, especially being dropped off on Friday nights and getting keychain pictures taken with my friends haha

  5. So sad to see and hear about. Used to go there when we lived in Delco but moved 13 years ago. Just never imagined that a mall that size could close. My husband and I complain that we wish there was a mall like that down here, just outlets.

    • I don’t like outlets! It’s not the same experience. I can’t believe Springfield mall is still around and outlived the Granite Run mall!

      • I agree. How on earth did Springfield outlive Granite Run? There were whispers that this mall was going downhill when I moved from Delco to Bucks in 2009, but I can’t believe all of this happened in just six years. I lived in Delco from 2003-2009 and sometimes, when I was single, I would go to this mall on my own just to walk around and be social when I was feeling lonely. I remember breaking my cell phone and feeling the horror of having to drive to Granite Run on the day before Christmas Eve to replace it at the Verizon store. I remember hanging out here with my friends and with my brother when he came to visit and going to the art store where I bought a Philly skyline panoramic photo that still hangs in my living room. I bought a framed photo collage of the Eagles from a kiosk on the first floor below the Verizon Store. I remember running errands here as a production assistant for a TV show that was filming at the Franklin Mint. I remember going to the movie theater in the middle of the week and the employees, from the ticket sales window, to the managers, urging me to stay for the late show, for free, because “they had to play the movies whether anyone watched them or not”. I went on first dates here. I took my future husband here. So many memories. 😥 Thank you for posting these photos.

      • That’s exactly what I just said.. Granite Run was always a better option and I went further out my way to go there

  6. Wow this was a very cool set of photos. Makes me want to stop in on my way home today when I drive by the place just to see it’s emptiness for myself. It almost looks a little relaxing and tranquil in there now.

    • Thank you! I wouldn’t necessarily call it relaxing and tranquil but I can see how it could feel that way. I just have so many memories attached to this place that it’s hard for me to see it as anything but sad. I certainly recommend taking a walk through on your way home though. It’s definitely surreal to see so many stores closed and empty.

  7. This is a shame. I thought this mall would be there forever. It’s still beautiful but yet they want to waste money building new apts, and stores, some outdoor. But I feel that Wal-Mart and Target knocked out a lot of these places because of prices. Also, I heard that renting a store in the mall was expensive and more businesses were losing money just to pay the mall rent.

  8. So glad I came across your pictures..through the pain in my heart I saw glimpses of a lifetime of memories. There really are no words to describe the feelings that go along with the stillness of what once was such an epic vibrant space. They will be moving the movie theater into Sears and creating an elaborate outside shopping mall.. but our memories will remain inside..

  9. I spent the better part of my late teens/early 20s in that mall. I had 4 different jobs there, from Frëshëns Yogurt to SGH to Natural Wonders to Gordon’s, not to mention the hours and dollars killed at Pocket Change. I left as it really started to go downhill, moving on to bigger and better things–but that mall is a part of my identity, I bought my engagement ring there, I learned how to sell, made some good friendships there, and managed to survive that weird smell. I was manning my job on 9/11 and remember the eerie silence in the mall that day before it closed early. Watching it go downhill is akin to watching someone you know slowly lose their will to live and pass away. You knew it was coming, and you steeled yourself for the inevitable, but it still hurts to see it happen. Believe it or not, I will miss it.

  10. Here’s recent infomation from the Delcotimes.
    Delcotimes writes
    Jcpenny to close granite run mall store in April ;Building to be demolished by Developer

    Delco author: Kathleen Carey

    Middletown, BET Investments plans to invest $100 million into the 58-acre Granite Run Mall property to create a walkable, upscale town center, including 319,000 square feet of retail space and 225 one-bedroom and 163 two-bedroom luxury residential units. Each of the residential buildings would include a spacious lobby, 9-foot ceilings, a fitness center, pool and interior parking.

    Originally, JC Penney had been identified as one of three anchor stores to remain standing while the mall’s interior commercial spaces were demolished. Boscov’s and Sears are the other two that will continue to operate on-site.

    Markman said BET Investments plans to demolish the JC Penney building.

    “Our intention at this point is to tear down that building … and create a store with mid-size boxes on the bottom with a theater that will open up to the rear of the building.”

    This movie theater will replace the AMC Granite Run on site now.

    Markman said a number of national retailers are interested in the location, adding that he could not identify them at this time.

    He said BET would be meeting with Middletown Township commissioners Monday to continue discussions about the development.

  11. I’m so glad someone went through and did something like this. I’ve been wanting to for a while, but since I live further away from the mall these days, it’s been hard to find a reason to take the trip. Here’s hoping the new stuff they build there reinvigorates the place. Love your photos.

  12. Opened when I was in High School at Penncrest. Too many memories to mention but it was just like the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont high.

  13. I grew up with this mall and worked four jobs there: I opened the Ruby Tuesday’s as a host, I was a key holder at Waldenbooks, I was a barker for a windows kiosk, and I worked as an assistant manager at Electronics Boutique. It doesn’t look quite the same as it did all those years ago but it still hits all the feels.

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  15. Sad to see the mall go. I started working there when the mall opened as a stock boy at Anderson Little. I then worked for 5 years at Roy Rogers. One night with the mall closed I walked across the support across the opening of the top floor. Used to spend my lunch hour playing Stsr Wars at the arcade.

  16. These are the internal stores that are still there according to the mall website. Not sure how accurate it is
    Aquatic Gifts
    AT&T Wireless.
    Books for Less
    Celebrity Museum
    Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union
    Kaze Karate
    Modell’s Sporting Goods
    Nails 2000
    Pappone’s Pizzeria
    Peking Chinese Restaurant
    Roma’s Eyebrow Bar & Accessories
    Sergeant Ben’s Army/Navy Store
    Spoil Me
    Sprint Store by Mobile Now
    Underground Station
    WSFS (ATM)

  17. When i was in my senio year of high school which was 5yrs ago i remember the mall doing well until 2011 when the hot topic closed down then the mall started declining more and more. I even remember Kaybee toys was in granite run until about 2006 i used to go in there all the time as a kid. Many people whomi know that worked in granite run mall said why not update the mall instead of making it The Village at Granite Run

  18. Its sad to see such memories go. Americans are all about bigger better and newer. Its a shame we dont hold the past. The building is still so beautiful. I reremember a 2 week period when my parents were divorcing and my dad was the manager at DareDog (throwback) and I sat and did school work there everyday until I returned to school. Seeing santa and the easter bunny and taking my oldest to them for the first time too. Remember a time when everyone thought the Springfield Mall would have this fate. Never imaged it to be here.

  19. 1977movie when I was a kid the mall was a granite quarry, when my son was a Baby I use to take him up there to get out of the heat of summer. Sad.

  20. I mean total respect when I say this- but it’s just change. None of you would go to that mall and that is why it’s closing. The Internet has more to do with it -people don’t need to browse the mall when they can do it from their couch, right? Town centers are a better use of space, and reusing the space is even better since its already paved. It’s just change!

  21. So many memories. Took my babies there for pictures with Santa or Easter Bunny. Meeting friends for lunch or dinner.

  22. I rember the Granite Run Mall from the 80’s when I went to Penncrest High School. Cutting class going across the field to the mall, hanging out at the arcade, looking at all the leather jackets in Jekyll’s Hyde. Eating ice cream at the parlor upstairs on Saturday night with all our friends, anyone remember the pig troff , any did anyone ever finish one??????

  23. This is very sad… I used to work in this mall when Boscov’s was Gimbels. That is dating myself. My Mom and sister worked at Penney’s. Met my husband who had a store in the mall called Slack Shack. Never thought this mall would be empty and being torn down. Just went past it a few days ago, live two hours away now, and it looked like a ghost town on the outside. Yes good memories from my time at this mall, pictures of my kids visiting Santa there when I would come down to visit my family. Still talk to some people that I use to work with there, early 80’s. Bye Granite Run Mall, you were a great place to work and meet people….

  24. The mall is now down to a GNC, Modell’s, AT&T, Aquatic Gifts, Journeys, Celebrity Museum and a Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union, Romona’s Eye Brow Bar is still there but was closed (unsure if still in operation) Sears and Boscov’s. Walking the mall is almost surreal, many of the lights are not on but the muzak still plays and the escalators still run carrying no-one to nowhere…

  25. As of July, 5, 2015 the mall officially closed last week. Sears and Boscovs are only accessible from the parking lot. Great pictures! Many memories here from my childhood! I worked at Sears in 2013 a few months after graduating from college. I was in the mall for my final time in May of this year and amazed at the eerie emptiness. I put pics on Facebook taken from my phone. It’s ironic that I’m a videographer and photographer and didn’t capture anything with here with my real camera LOL

  26. W ow, this is kind’ expectations sad. I remember when it was just a field. Then the arcade was our hang out in 1974. I had a lot of fun hanging out at the mall….

  27. Wow, I am in Tucson Arizona now for over a decade but as a teenager and into my twenties I worked at the ice cream parlor upstairs and then the CVS. I often also stopped there between classes at Deleware County Community Collage and Penn State Delco. A friend was a security guard and I could wonder the mall at night. A lot of adventures and growing there Granite Run Mall will be missed.

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